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Perry and Steyn is a physiotherapy and occupational therapy practice utilising evidenced based treatment to enable its clients to lead meaningful and productive lives following injury and ill health.


Des and WilmarretteDesiré Perry and Wilmarrette Steyn have been business partners for many years. Their interests and skillsets are complimentary and this offers patients a broad spectrum of treatments. Desiré is active in the Phsiotherapy Pain Management Group. Pain management is an important component for many patients and especially for those with back pain or other forms of continuous pain.

Are you afraid to to bend your back?

All back pain sufferers are told, by almost everybody, that “bending is bad for your back!”.

Imagine you injure your leg while walking and the advice you get is to stop walking and to never put weight on your leg again?  The reality is that we will limp along until the leg heals and we can walk normally.

It’s true that some back injuries occur while people are bending, but the solution to the problem is not to stop bending your back for the rest of your life.  From a physiotherapy standpoint decreased activity and movement after back injury is associated with prolonged symptoms and increased disability. In other words if we do not move we are potentially making things worse in the long term. Our spines are designed for movement, lots and varied movement.

For many of us our working life requires us to be sitting and this is often followed by more sitting as we drive home and then yet more sitting as we watch television for relaxation. Our spines need to move in many directions to maintain its flexibility and strength and nutrition to our discs.

Bending forward is one of the movements that your body’s design allows for -  that is why you can do it! Bending forward is vital to independent function. Just drop your keys, or wallet or try to put on underwear or lean over to speak to a child or pat your dog on his head, or feed the cat… but try not to bend while you do it.   It’s a bit like being told to walk, but only use one leg (so that you can save the other one for later!).

Freedom of movement in all directions is key to the health of your back. Physiotherapy plays a vital role in restoring your body’s mobility following injury or from work or lifestyle related back pain.

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