Take control of your pain

Our evidence-based treatment and programmes help people living with pain after injury or illness to restore quality and productivity to their lives.

You shouldn’t have to feel defeated by your pain

We help you to understand your diagnosis while assisting you to overcome any obstacles in the way of you achieving results on your journey of recovery.

back pain management

Return to Work, Return to Life

Workability is a healthcare company committed to giving all South Africans with musculoskeletal conditions access to affordable, effective and reputable rehabilitation.

We are accredited by Workability to provide the Back and Neck Assistance Program (BNAP) and the Work Rehabilitation Assistance Program (WRAP).


back pain management

Pain Management

Our patients often feel overwhelmed by their pain and the impact that it has on their lives.

Our goal is to work with these patients towards realistic goals that will help them to feel hopeful about regaining quality and productivity in their lives.

Our evidence-based treatments and programmes help people whose pain is impacting their ability to cope with life’s demands.



We understand that our patients long to get moving safely again but are often unsure of how and when this can happen.

We listen to each unique story, addressing obstacles and answering questions while we work out a plan to increase activity and pursue recovery.

We help our patients to safely proceed with movement and activity after an injury or illness.

Take control of your pain today

It’s important to seek a physiotherapist as soon as possible after injury.  Most injuries recover quickly with early treatment.  How can we help you today?


About Us

Perry & Steyn Physiotherapists is led by Desiré Perry and Wilmarette Steyn who have been business partners for many years.

Their complimentary interests and skillsets offer patients a broad spectrum of treatment options.


“Our goal is to help you to understand your diagnosis and what it does and does not mean into the future.”